Chapter 3 - QUEUE

Linear List Concepts

FIFO (Queue)

.Queue - FIFO data structure
• Queues are one of the most common of all data-processing structures. • Queues are used where someone must wait one's turn before having access to something.

• Queues are used in every operating system and network: processing system services and resource supply: printer, disk storage, use of the CPU,... • Queues are used in business online applications: processing customer requests, jobs, and orders.

.Queue ADT
DEFINITION: A Queue of elements of type T is a finite sequence of elements of T, in which data can be inserted only at one end, called the rear, and deleted from the other end, called the front. Queue is a First In - First Out (FIFO) data structure. Basic operations: • Construct a Queue, leaving it empty. • Enqueue an element.