CSE Faculty - Chapter 3: STACK (part b)

Reversing data items
Ex.: Reverse a list. Convert Decimal to Binary.
Brackets Parse. Infix to Postfix Transformation. Evaluate a Postfix Expression. Parsing
Ex.: Ex.:

Postponement of processing data items
Ex.: Goal Seeking Problem. Knight’s Tour. Exiting a Maze. Eight Queens Problem.

.Reverse a list
PROBLEM: Read n numbers, print the list in reverse order.
Algorithm ReverseList Pre User supplies numbers. Post The numbers are printed in reverse order. Uses Stack ADT. 1. loop (stack is not full and there is more number) 1. read a number 2. push the number into the stack 2. loop (stack is not empty) 1. top the number from the stack 2. pop stack 3. write the number end ReverseList