• XSLT processing with Java

    XSLT processing with Java

    More resilient to changes in the details of the XML documents than low-level DOM and SAX. Memory intensive and suffers a performance penalty Difficult to implement complicated business rules Have to learn a new language Can’t change the value of variables (requires recurs...

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  • AVL Tree

    AVL Tree

    AVL Tree is: • A Binary Search Tree, • in which the heights of the left and right subtrees of the root differ by at most 1, and • the left and right subtrees are again AVL trees. The name comes from the discoverers of this method, G.M.Adel'son-Vel'skii and E.M.Landis. The method dates from 1962. .Balance factor Balance factor: • left_higher: HL = HR + 1 • equal_height: • right_higher:

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  • Module6 – Internationalization (I18N)

    Module6 – Internationalization (I18N)

    Welcome to the module, Internationalization. This module provides a brief introduction of developing applications for the global market. The module covers the process of internationalization and localization to create applications, which are neutral in terms of countries, languages and regions. Internationalized applications require meticulous planning, failing which re-engineering of the application can be costly. In this module, you will...

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  • Data Structures and Algorithms – C++ Implementation

    Data Structures and Algorithms – C++ Implementation

    BK TP.HCM Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering BK TP.HCM Data Structures and Algorithms – C++ Implementation Huỳnh T n t Email: htdat@cse.hcmut.edu.vn Home Page: http://www.cse.hcmut.edu.vn/~htdat/ .Pointer in C++ Declaration Node *ptr; Create an object ptr = new Node(); A pointer usage printf(“Data in node: %d”, ptr-data); Destroy an object delete ptr; NULL pointer...

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