• GWT in Practice

    GWT in Practice

    GWT in Practice is an example-driven, code-rich book designed for web developers already familiar with the basics of GWT who now want hands-on experience. After a quick review of GWT fundamentals, GWT in Practice presents scores of handy, reusable solutions to the problems you face when you need to move beyond "Hello World" and "proof of concept" applications. This book skips the theory and looks at the way things really work when you're...

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  • Pro Android Games

    Pro Android Games

    Pro Android Games will help you to create the best games for the Android platform. There are plenty of books out there that tackle this subject, but only this book gives you a unique perspective by showing you how easy it is to bring native PC games to the platform with minimum effort. This is done using realworld examples and source code on each chapter. Keep in mind that, before you dig into this book, you will need a solid foundation in...

     315 p cntp 19/07/2012 172 2

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