• APM Best Practices Realizing Application Performance Management

    APM Best Practices Realizing Application Performance Management

    Application Performance Management (APM) is the name given to the use of technology to initiate, deploy, monitor, fix, update and/or optimize systems within an organization. Application management software employs measurements of response times, and other component and resource interactions, to help manage the overall stability and usability of the software within its purview.

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    Many people find statistics challenging, but most statistics professors do not. As a result, it is sometimes hard for our professors and the authors of statistics textbooks to make statistics clear and practical for business students, managers, and executives. Business Statistics Demystified fills that gap. We begin slowly, introducing statistical concepts without mathematics. We build step by step, from defining statistics in Part One...

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    Those who work in economic anthropology are aware of the importance of the economy in public thought and debate. In retrospect, Adam Smith might well have titled his book The health of nations, for in our day, if not in his, it seems that the health of a country is defined by its wealth, just as the final judgement of an activity is its bottom line, how it gains or loses money.

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    Economists attract ridicule and resentment in equal measure. People mock them, in the same way they poke fun at all eggheads and number-crunchers. But for everyone who scoffs, there is someone (perhaps the same person) who secretly fears that economists are the unacknowledged legislators of the world, purveyors of dangerous ideas that are filling the heads and turning the minds of the political leaders who claim to be in charge.

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    The aim of this book is to provide an understanding of how to analyse and assess the performance of a company from the information provided about it. Financial analysis is as much an art as it is a science. Combine any two figures from an annual report and a ratio is produced; the real skill is in deciding which figures to use, where to find them and how to judge the result.

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  • Conducting Transatlantic Business Basic Legal Distinctions in the US and Europe

     Conducting Transatlantic Business Basic Legal Distinctions in the US and Europe

    The laws of continental Europe and those of the USA are substantially distinct. The general difference between common law, as practiced in the US, and civil law, as practiced in continental Europe, is widely accepted, even if it is not always fully understood. American court rulings, for instance, can be extreme in the eyes of Europeans, who are not familiar with concepts such as punitive damages.

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  • Business Models Networking, Innovating and Globalizing

     Business Models Networking, Innovating and Globalizing

    It is important to distinguish between data and information. Data is a raw fact and can take the form of a number or statement such as a date or a measurement. It is necessary for businesses to put in place procedures to ensure data are recorded. For example, to ensure a call centre operator includes the postcode of every customer this can be written into their script and a validation check performed to check these data have been entered into...

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  • Business Briefs: Business Theory Made Simple

     Business Briefs: Business Theory Made Simple

    This book is a collection of practical writings on business and management topics and is a companion to “Management Briefs: Management and Leadership Theory Made Simple.” These writings originally appeared in the business section of the local newspaper in Abilene, Texas, U.S.A. Using examples from movies, books, sports, and everyday experiences, they are designed to introduce readers to a variety of business topics in a concise, fun, and...

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  • Management Basics

     Management Basics

    Tasneem Khan is the General Manager for Calm Seas, a small ocean kayak manufacturing company in western Canada. It is the end of the day in mid-October. Tasneem is wondering where the day went. She has gotten nothing done on the “to-do” list that she had with her when she started her day. And yet, she had been busy from the moment she walked in until now. She shrugs her shoulders and starts to tackle some of the work piled up on her desk....

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  • Law for the Business Student

    Law for the Business Student

    So why do computing students need to know anything about law, beyond – just like anyone else – how to keep themselves out of trouble with the police? Well, most students who take a degree in computing (computer science, information systems, “informatics”, or similar) aim to find a computing-related job in a company or a public-sector organization. And that job will not involve just sitting in a back room hacking code. Jobs like that...

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  • Strategic Financial Management Exercises

     Strategic Financial Management Exercises

    It is a basic assumption of finance theory, taught as fact in Business Schools and advocated at the highest level by vested interests, world-wide (governments, financial institutions, corporate spin doctors, the press, media and financial web-sites) that stock markets represent a profitable long-term investment. Throughout the twentieth century, historical evidence also reveals that over any five to seven year period security prices invariably...

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  • Strategic Financial Management

     Strategic Financial Management

    In a world of geo-political, social and economic uncertainty, strategic financial management is in a process of change, which requires a reassessment of the fundamental assumptions that cut across the traditional boundaries of the subject. Read on and you will not only appreciate the major components of contemporary finance but also find the subject much more accessible for future reference.

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