• AutoCAD 2002 Menus and Toolbars

    AutoCAD 2002 Menus and Toolbars

    This is a book to teach and guide technical drawings with AutoCAD 2002 software. The entire contents of the book is divided into 7 chapters ranging from the basic introduction to the complex instructions in the adjustment and printing drawings. This is the basis for guiding technical drawings on AutoCAD in general, therefore, it can be applied not only in the 2002 version, but also can be used in later versions.

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 6 Recursion

    CSE Faculty - Chapter 6 Recursion

    Subprogram implementation Recursion Designing recursive algorithms Recursion removal Backtracking Examples of backtracking and recursive algorithms: Factorial Fibonacci The towers of Hanoi Eight Queens Problem Tree-structured program: Look-ahead in Game

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  • Pro Android Games

    Pro Android Games

    Pro Android Games will help you to create the best games for the Android platform. There are plenty of books out there that tackle this subject, but only this book gives you a unique perspective by showing you how easy it is to bring native PC games to the platform with minimum effort. This is done using realworld examples and source code on each chapter. Keep in mind that, before you dig into this book, you will need a solid foundation in...

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  • JavaScript For Dummies

    JavaScript For Dummies

    Responding to reader feedback, the author has thoroughly revamped the book with more step-by-step coverage of JavaScript basics, an exclusive focus on Internet Explorer, and many complete sample scripts Updated to cover JavaScript 1.5, the latest release of this popular Web scripting language Using lots of examples, including a sample working Web site, the book shows how to create dynamic and interactive pages, build entire...

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  • Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    JavaScript is the definitive language for making the Web a dynamic, rich, interactive medium. This guide to JavaScript builds on the success of previous editions and introduces you to many new advances in JavaScript development. The reorganization of the chapters helps streamline your learning process while new examples provide you with updated JavaScript programming techniques.

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  • Test-Driven JavaScript Development

    Test-Driven JavaScript Development

    Over the recent years, JavaScript has grown up. Long gone are the glory days of “DHTML”; we are now in the age of “Ajax,” possibly even “HTML5.” Over the past years JavaScript gained some killer applications; it gained robust libraries to aid developers in cross-browser scripting; and it gained a host of tools such as debuggers, profilers, and unit testing frameworks. The community has worked tirelessly to bring in the tools they...

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  • Chapter 8 - Heaps

    Chapter 8 - Heaps

    Binary Heap. Min-heap. Max-heap. Efficient implementation of heap ADT: use of array Basic heap algorithms: ReheapUp, ReheapDown, Insert Heap, Delete Heap, Built Heap d-heaps Heap Applications: Select Algorithm Priority Queues Heap sort Advanced implementations of heaps: use of pointers Leftist heap Skew heap Binomial queues

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  • 1000 Java Tips

    1000 Java Tips

    One thousand Java Tips is 856 pages of A4 format of Java tips, advises and solutions from real daily Java experience. Quite often updated (330, 500, 850 and finally 1000 Java Tips), this e-book becomes more and more useful for Java developers with 2-6 years experience in this area. Questions are not from simple usual FAQs. They are especially good for those who look for Java job interview questions: both for those who hire and who look for...

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  • Chapter 9 - Graph•

    Chapter 9 - Graph•

    A Graph G consists of a set V, whose members are called the vertices of G, together with a set E of pairs of distinct vertices from V. • The pairs in E are called the edges of G. • If the pairs are unordered, G is called an undirected graph or a graph. Otherwise, G is called a directed graph or a digraph. • Two vertices in an undirected graph are called adjacent if there is an edge from the first to the second.

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  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

    Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

    This second edition of Data Structures and Algorithms in Java has been augmented to make it easier for the reader and for instructors using it as a text in computer science classes. Besides coverage of additional topics, we’ve added end-of-chapter questions, experiments, and programming projects.

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  • Adobe CS Production Premium for Final cut Studio Editors

    Adobe CS Production Premium for Final cut Studio Editors

    Why should a Final Cut editor even bother with this book? I mean, does the world need another book on Adobe Photoshop or Apple Final Cut Studio? In this case, yes. Here’s why. This book doesn’t just cover Adobe software or Apple software. It explains specific techniques for using Adobe Production Premium that will benefit an editor who uses Final Cut Pro. For example, tens of thousands of pages have been devoted to explain Photoshop to the...

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 10 Sorting

    CSE Faculty -  Chapter 10 Sorting

    Sorting Divice-andConquer •Natural Merge •Balanced Merge •Polyphase Merge •Insertion •Shell •Selection •Heap •Bubble •Quick •Quick •Merge

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