• JavaScript For Dummies

    JavaScript For Dummies

    Responding to reader feedback, the author has thoroughly revamped the book with more step-by-step coverage of JavaScript basics, an exclusive focus on Internet Explorer, and many complete sample scripts Updated to cover JavaScript 1.5, the latest release of this popular Web scripting language Using lots of examples, including a sample working Web site, the book shows how to create dynamic and interactive pages, build entire...

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 1: Introduction

    CSE Faculty - Chapter 1: Introduction

    What is an algorithm? The logical steps to solve a problem. What is a program? Program = Data structures + Algorithms (Niklaus Wirth) The most common tool to define algorithms. • English-like representation of the code required for an algorithm. Pseudocode = English + Code relaxed syntax being instructions using easy to read basic control structures (sequential, conditional, iterative)

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  • Conducting Transatlantic Business Basic Legal Distinctions in the US and Europe

     Conducting Transatlantic Business Basic Legal Distinctions in the US and Europe

    The laws of continental Europe and those of the USA are substantially distinct. The general difference between common law, as practiced in the US, and civil law, as practiced in continental Europe, is widely accepted, even if it is not always fully understood. American court rulings, for instance, can be extreme in the eyes of Europeans, who are not familiar with concepts such as punitive damages.

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  • Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    Beginning JavaScript 4th Edition 2010

    JavaScript is the definitive language for making the Web a dynamic, rich, interactive medium. This guide to JavaScript builds on the success of previous editions and introduces you to many new advances in JavaScript development. The reorganization of the chapters helps streamline your learning process while new examples provide you with updated JavaScript programming techniques.

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  • 1000 Java Tips

    1000 Java Tips

    One thousand Java Tips is 856 pages of A4 format of Java tips, advises and solutions from real daily Java experience. Quite often updated (330, 500, 850 and finally 1000 Java Tips), this e-book becomes more and more useful for Java developers with 2-6 years experience in this area. Questions are not from simple usual FAQs. They are especially good for those who look for Java job interview questions: both for those who hire and who look for...

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 2 : LIST

    CSE Faculty - Chapter 2 : LIST

    Linear List Concepts List ADT Specifications for List ADT Implementations of List ADT Contiguous List Singly Linked List Other Linked Lists Comparison of Implementations of List Linear List Concepts DEFINITION: Linear List is a data structure where each element of it has a unique successor. element 1 element 2 element 3 .Linear List Concepts (cont.) .Linear List Concepts (cont.) General list: • No restrictions...

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 3: STACK (part a)

    CSE Faculty - Chapter 3: STACK (part a)

    Contiguous Stack Applications of Stack .Linear List Concepts LIFO (Stack) .Stack ADT DEFINITION: A Stack of elements of type T is a finite sequence of elements of T, in which all insertions and deletions are restricted to one end, called the top. Stack is a Last In - First Out (LIFO) data structure. Basic operations: • Construct a stack, leaving it empty. • Push an element. • Pop an element. • Top an element.

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  • Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

    Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

    This second edition of Data Structures and Algorithms in Java has been augmented to make it easier for the reader and for instructors using it as a text in computer science classes. Besides coverage of additional topics, we’ve added end-of-chapter questions, experiments, and programming projects.

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    Those who work in economic anthropology are aware of the importance of the economy in public thought and debate. In retrospect, Adam Smith might well have titled his book The health of nations, for in our day, if not in his, it seems that the health of a country is defined by its wealth, just as the final judgement of an activity is its bottom line, how it gains or loses money.

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  • XML for Dummies

    XML for Dummies

    See how XML works for business needs and RSS feeds Create consistency on the Web, or tag your data for different purposes Tag -- XML is it! XML tags let you share your format as well as your data, and this handy guide will show you how. You'll soon be using this markup language to create everything from Web sites to business forms, discovering schemas and DOCTYPES, wandering the Xpath, teaming up XML with Office 2003, and more.

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  • CSE Faculty - Chapter 3: STACK (part b)

    CSE Faculty - Chapter 3: STACK (part b)

    Reversing data items Ex.: Reverse a list. Convert Decimal to Binary. Brackets Parse. Infix to Postfix Transformation. Evaluate a Postfix Expression. Parsing Ex.: Ex.: Postponement of processing data items Backtracking Ex.: Goal Seeking Problem. Knight’s Tour. Exiting a Maze. Eight Queens Problem. .Reverse a list PROBLEM: Read n numbers, print the list in reverse order. Algorithm ReverseList Pre User supplies numbers. Post The...

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  • Pro WPF in C# 2010: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4.0

    Pro WPF in C# 2010: Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4.0

    When .NET first appeared, it introduced a small avalanche of new technologies. There was a whole new way to write web applications (ASP.NET), a whole new way to connect to databases (ADO.NET), new typesafe languages (C# and VB .NET), and a managed runtime (the CLR). Not least among these new technologies was Windows Forms, a library of classes for building Windows applications. Although Windows Forms is a mature and full-featured toolkit,...

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