• Photoshop Lab Color

    Photoshop Lab Color

    LAB has a reputation for enormous power, yet virtually all reference materials that advocate its use illustrate its capabilities with a single class of image. This chapter introduces the basic LAB correction method and explains why it is so extraordinarily effective—if you happen to have a picture of a canyon.eep in Death Valley, land of desolation and summertime heat in the high 120s, a narrow canyon holds several lessons about color,

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  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

    The Panel on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence was established in early 1992 by the Naval Studies Board (NSB) of the National Research Council in response to a request from the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The NRL called on the NSB to establish a panel of experts in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence to interact informally with the laboratory's research staff regarding plans, facilities, capabilities,...

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  • Android Programming with Tutorials from the anddev.org-Community

    Android Programming with Tutorials from the anddev.org-Community

    This document was written for developers who have worked with Java™ before and want to start developing for the Android Platform. I tried to make this as much “hands on” as possible, placing example codes everywhere it fit. Also I tried to insert as many picture as possible, because they liven up the learning process and relax the reader’s eyes. But unfortunately coding is not everything; one has to learn about some basic facts of the...

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  • The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

    The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

    There are many Android programming guides that give you the basics. This book goes beyond simple apps into many areas of Android development that you simply will not find in competing books. Whether you want to add home screen app widgets to your arsenal, or create more complex maps, integrate multimedia features like the camera, integrate tightly with other applications, or integrate scripting languages, this book has you covered.

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  • Learn JavaScript and Ajax with w3Schools

    Learn JavaScript and Ajax with w3Schools

    Fast, focused instruction for beginning Web developers W3Schools.com is the number one online education source for beginning Web developers. This attractive two-color book contains concise, highly focused tutorials in the proven W3Schools instructional format, with an easy-to-use reference of JavaScript Objects and the HTML DOM included. Novice developers will quickly learn to create interactive Web pages using the most popular Web scripting...

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  • Oracle Database 11g PL /SQL Programming

    Oracle Database 11g PL /SQL  Programming

    Deliver dynamic, client/server PL/SQL applications with expert guidance from an Oracle programming professional. With full coverage of the latest features and tools, Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming lays out each topic alongside detailed explanations, cut-and-paste syntax examples, and real-world case studies. Access and modify database information, construct powerful PL/SQL statements, execute effective queries, and deploy bulletproof...

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  • Practical C# Charts and Graphics

    Practical C# Charts and Graphics

    Welcome to Practical C# Charts and Graphics. This book is intended for C# .NET developers who want to add professional graphics and charts to their applications. My hope is to write the ultimate C# chart and graphics programming guide that would be useful to C# application programmers of all skill levels. We’ve all heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. Creating charts and graphics plays a very important role in...

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom

    Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 is the industry’s leading digital image editing software. It is the perfect creative tool for designing and manipulating images for print layouts, web publishing, multimedia, video, photography, and for visually expressing your creative ideas. The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom helps you to understand the capabilities of Photoshop and get the most out of your software so you can get up-and-running right away....

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  • Photoshop CS3 for Screen Printers

    Photoshop CS3 for Screen Printers

    There are between 20,000 and 30,000 registered screen printing companies in the U.S. and many thousands more worldwide. Additionally, there are thousands of companies that are run from backyards, garages, and storage facilities. All of these screen printing companies have one thing in common—they all use some type of graphics program to create artwork, work with client files, and print out specialty prints and color separations for their...

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  • ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies

    ASP.NET 3.5 for Dummies

    Did you volunteer to create a Web site for the softball team? Is it time to take your small business to the next level and let your customers shop online? Well, you can relax! ASP.NET 3.5 makes creating a dynamic site faster and cleaner than ever before, and ASP.NET 3.5 For Dummies makes it easier. First, you’ll get an introduction to all the tools and terminology you need to understand ASP.NET. If you’ve used earlier versions of ASP.NET...

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  • AutoCAD 2002 Menus and Toolbars

    AutoCAD 2002 Menus and Toolbars

    This is a book to teach and guide technical drawings with AutoCAD 2002 software. The entire contents of the book is divided into 7 chapters ranging from the basic introduction to the complex instructions in the adjustment and printing drawings. This is the basis for guiding technical drawings on AutoCAD in general, therefore, it can be applied not only in the 2002 version, but also can be used in later versions.

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  • PHOTOSHOP CS4 QuickSteps

    PHOTOSHOP  CS4 QuickSteps

    QuickSteps books are recipe books for computer users. They answer the question “How do I...?” by providing quick sets of steps to accomplish the most common tasks in a particular program. The sets of steps are the central focus of the book. QuickSteps sidebars show you how to quickly do many small functions or tasks that support the primary functions. Notes, Tips, and Cautions augment the steps, yet they are presented in such a manner as...

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